About us

    ALGA was established in 2000 in the very heart of the Urals. Long-term experience, partnership with the leading Russian and European brands, unique metall-processing complex equipped with the most innovative facilities, success in integrating a variety of modern technologies let ALGA become one of the leading enterprise in building industry in Russia as well as on the markets of CIS countries. We create exclusive, highly customized solutions in the roofing, facades and building industry in accordance with our own unique quality system and the highest international standards.
Продукция.png      Own production site, innovative technologies, modern equipment and quality system let us create a wide range of products. All of our products have certificates of conformity to be used in building and construction industry.

   We produce ceiling and facade systems of varying complexity and high quality roofing systems in order to fit individual customers demand. The combination of unique textures and colors, complex geometric solutions, perfect accuracy, reliability, durability and highest quality makes us the market leader.

   All production is made from aluminium, steel, copper and some other metals with subsequent applying layers of textured / smooth coating, engraving, spot UV and decorating. One of our new products is aluminium honeycomb panel, which is rapidly evolving and gaining popularity.    

   As the metal processing technologies we use all the possible solutions: stamping, pressing, rolling, bending, laser cutting, perforation, delicate metal welding and assembly. Decorating and painting is carried out with the use of robots and nanotechnology.
 Социальная ответственность.png      People have always stood out among the fundamental values of our company. Partnership and trusting relationship with our clients, suppliers and employees based on respect, probity and honesty are the basic principles of our work. Working outside our region we always pay attention to local legislation and respect cultural and national differences. Special attention is paid to the providing a better working environment for our staff. Safety in the workplace, staff development, social benefits and guarantees are an important part of our corporate policy. Meeting the highest standards of business ethics and fulfillment of social responsibilities let us be of the leading enterprises on he market and take pride in our job.
     When creating our products we always care about future generations with a particular focus on environmental sustainability. Durability and long life of all the materials we use, waste management, compliance with environmental legislation and implementation of resource- and energy efficient technologies form an important part of our corporate strategy. We operate in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015, making environmental management system ever-more effective.
     Система качества.png
     The quality of the products we manufacture is our first priority. Our own quality system “ALGA-Expert” includes five levels of verification. We control the quality of primary raw material (by) buying this only from proven suppliers. We control all the technological stages of manufacturing process, check every finished product against technical standards and certification, pay particular attention to the packaging, provide installation, assembly and related supervisory services.
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